The Honors Program is devoted to intellectual excellence, 以教学的创造性互动为例, learning, and scholarship. If you are curious and love to explore ideas, the Honors Program is for you! 你会不停地问问题并寻求答案. Your classmates and professors will offer support and encouragement, 他们也会挑战你. 你会遇到志同道合的学生,他们以激情和毅力追求思想和知识.

Susquehanna’s Honors Program supports your commitment to discovery and achievement. Your faculty are dedicated to their teaching and to your success.

我们从所有专业中成绩排名前10%的学生中选拔荣誉学生. We expect that you will embrace the total Susquehanna experience by contributing as leaders, performers, athletes and community servants in addition to your intense academic commitments.

You’ll follow a sequence of special courses and projects—complemented by discussion groups, lectures, off-campus visits and residential programs — throughout your four years at Susquehanna. 你将参加由国家大学荣誉委员会主办的特别活动和会议.



Swarna Basu博士讲座.D.


Shari Jacobson博士讲座.D.


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